We provide our customers with concept creation and market researches to create the most suitable and profitable development opportunities. Our team of experts sits down with the client to understand their goals and needs in order for us to bring out the most promising mix of real estate use.


A) Development Planning


  1. Identifying, Retaining and Actively Managing the Project Consultant Team
  2. Developing Preliminary and Final Budgets
  3. Creating Realistic and Achievable Development Schedules
  4. Preparing Financial Analyses to Support Investment/Financing Decisions
  5. Determining Options for Profitable Development


B) Construction Management


  1. Developing a Scope of Construction Services
  2. Coordinating/Leading Contractual Negotiations
  3. Qualifying and Soliciting Proposals from Architects, Engineers and General Contractors
  4. Facilitating Team Integration to Achieve Value Engineering
  5. Active Oversight of Construction Progress and Change Orders
  6. Achieving Successful Project Close-Out and Client Acceptance
  7. Financial Auditing to Ensure Contract Compliance